Wordsler updates

Wordsler 0.3 is now available, mostly for fixing a portrait mode bug, where cards became inaccessible. The online experience has also been improved, with some spinning icons, and some more information when logging in (like words from the previous day).

And to illustrate the power of Qt, here is a photo (bad quality…) of Wordsler running on 7 different OS:


There is a N950 with Meego Harmattan, a N900 with Maemo 5, a N8 with Symbian Anna, an E7 with Symbian^3, an Asus Transformer with Android 3.2 and a desktop with Ubuntu and Windows.
It can be downloaded from Extras-testing for Maemo5 (it could use some votes to get into Extras!), the Ovi Store for Symbian (N9/N950 is still in QA) and from the Android Market.

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