Wordsler in numbers – Maemo5 still kicking strong

Wordsler is now available on Maemo5, Symbian (^3, Anna and Belle), Android and for the Blackberry Playbook, thanks to the amazing portability of Qt. With this said, let’s have a look at some numbers, as of May 30th.

Number of registered users for the online challenge since release (August for most platforms, Playbook only a few weeks ago):

  • maemo5 568
  • symbian 424
  • harmattan 232
  • playbook 13
  • android 10

Number of registered users for the online challenge in April and May:

  • maemo5 67
  • symbian 51
  • harmattan 28
  • playbook 13

Interestingly, Maemo5 is still ahead of any other platforms, even though its last handset was released 2 and a half years ago, as well as being the only platform where Wordlser is not in the official app store (it’s in Extras). Another interesting fact is that Harmattan users are half as likely to register online after downloading the game (downloads are about equal between Harmattan and Symbian), and play fewer games overall as well:
Number of online games since April 1st:

  • symbian 5110
  • maemo5 1570
  • harmattan 1334
  • android 73
  • playbook 83

Since April 1st, there is an average of 33 players playing per day, each playing an average of 5.5 times. Not too bad for a game that hasn’t really seen any updates in 9 months.
And a very special mention for Vincy, who has won every monthly challenge since August but 1! A very impressive feat!

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