FeedingIt, Lukija and Wordsler updates

It’s been a while since the last post, even though a lot has happened in the meantime.

First on the FeedingIt front, the app has been in a fairly stable state since last fall, without any updates, or major issues. As the E7 replaced the N900 as my “every-day-in-my-pocket” phone, the incentive to make further updates just wasn’t there. But recently Neal contacted me about integrating support for one of his projects, Woodchuck, into FeedingIt. He’s submitted lots of good patches, which will come into a new release after some testing.

Still on that front, there will be some efforts into advancing the QML interface further, to make it compatible with the N9/N950. It turns out that the default Feed app on the N950 is really quite good (missing a few things like OPML import/export), so we’ll see which way development will go as time progresses.

But the lack of FeedingIt updates doesn’t mean I was entirely idle. The basis of the QML interface created for it was used to make Lukija, a reader for the bookmark service Read-It-Later. It is released for Maemo5 and is also available in the Ovi Store for Symbian^3.

More recently, I have released Wordsler, a simple word puzzle game. It is available for Maemo 5 (currently in Extra-testing), N9/N950 and Symbian^3. Here is a very well written review from All About Symbian that summarizes the game better than I could ever do. What’s missing from the version being reviewed is the Online Daily Challenge. Every day, everyone willing to take part in the challenge is given the same set of lettered cards as everybody else. Scores are then submitted online, and a scoreboard is drawn up every day.


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