Upcoming version 0.8

Soon in a repository near you will be available version 0.8.0 of FeedingIt. In this version, the storage engine is changed to use sqlite3, rather than serialized python classes. The advantage of the new backend is a much better handling of concurrency, and the ability to work with subsets of data rather than loading everything to memory. Although this is not really noticeable to end users, it opens the way for exciting new features, the first of which is an improved home-screen widget, included in this release. You can now view a listing of unread article titles right on the desktop, and read the full articles in the main application with a couple of clicks.

Home Screen Widget Listing Available Feeds

Home Screen Widget Listing Available Articles

Note that after upgrading from 0.7 to 0.8, the first time the application is run it will go through the upgrade process for the database. This can take quite a few minutes, depending on how many feeds/articles you have.

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